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How do you become a Qualified Activity Director?

There is a fair amount of confusion out there about the difference between a Qualified Activity Director and a Certified Activity Director. Let’s clear it up!

Legally you only need to be Qualified in order to run the Activity Department. This is equivalent to taking the MEPAP I course only. A lot of our students just take MEPAP I and leave it at that. If, however, you wish to get Certified you would need to continue on and take the MEPAP II, as well as fulfilling the additional requirements set forth by the certifying body.

We recommend students take the MEPAP I to ensure they are covered legally and then they can take their time working towards Certification if this is a goal. Some reasons one might get Certified include:

  • Personal Preference- The student simply wants to reach the highest level obtainable in the field.
  • Facility Required- Even though Certification isn’t currently legally required some facilities may prefer it.
  • Become a Consultant- The student may wish to one day become an Activity Consultant, for which this would be the first step.
  • Become a MEPAP Instructor- In order to take the ‘Train the Trainer’ program one must be Certified first.

In order to get Certified there is a requirement of 4,000 to 6,000 activity experience hours. This means that someone new to the field would be able to get Qualified and work their way towards racking up the necessary hours while still being compliant with federal regulation. If you have any questions I would love to answer them! Contact us by clicking the Contact Us option at the top or send me an email directly at Sheryl@activitydirector.com. Happy learning!!

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