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Category: Activity Ideas

Planning for the Spiritual but not Religious Resident

Activity Directors have traditionally planned and understood the importance of continuing their resident’s religion within the facility. Often multiple religious activities are planned weekly in order to meet the needs of those they serve. Things they are changing, though. According to a study conducted by the PEW Research Center from 2012 to 2017, approximately 27% […]

Sensory cart technology helps people living with dementia

Sensory cart technology helps people living with dementiaDeveloped by Experia, the Sensory Cart has a number of features designed to help those suffering with dementia to relax; the cart also helps de-escalate stressful and upsetting situations experienced by those suffering with different forms of the disease.Offering a number of benefits to the user, the Cart houses […]

How I Motivate Seniors to Move, Laugh and Smile

by Guest Writer & Author  Renee Gibbons I walk into the Senior Assisted Living Facility every Saturday morning with a rolling suitcase filled with my motivational movement bag of tricks. At least 10 seniors, some in wheelchairs, are already waiting for me. Others are hurrying in (okay maybe not hurrying in) to take their seats.  They […]